Giving Back

Giving Back!

At Episense Organics we believe in creating change and giving back this is a service that is a fundamental principle of the director of Episense and we do so to vulnerable women and children in Kenya. We do this with a gender equality lenses. When you buy Episense Organics product We donate at least 15% of our profits to charity to support vulnerable women and children in Kenya and to support durable lasting solutions to alleviate suffering and give hope to the poor and vulnerable.
So when you buy our products, you can have a piece of mind that you are helping people in need. The founder of Episense organics believes very strongly in helping others and gives a lot of time to helping orphans and vulnerable widows. We delight in creating change and touching others life positively and help give hope. This we do through AVIDO foundation a foundation that was founded by Episense organics Director. Soon you will be able to look into these activities on our website.